About our Company

Pinnacle Firewood Company was originally founded around 1992 and started out under the name "Chipper's Firewood". It was a small operation organized between the current owner (Jason McCullough) and his best friend Todd Ekholm. Over the years, like most successful businesses, the clientele list has grown larger and larger. Pinnacle has now become a large firewood vendor and one of the few located locally in the twin city metro area. Unlike many of our competitors, we have huge surpluses of quality firewood available. These suppliers are from Western Wisconsin, Northern Minnesota and Iowa.

Pinnacle Firewood offers premium hardwoods along with birch firewood as well. We specialize in mainly Red Oak, White Oak and Maple. We also carry Cherry, Ash, Elm and Black Locust. Pinnacle is also in the planning stages for carrying Hickory, Black Walnut and Mesquite firewood. For all of you Chimnea lovers out there, Pinnacle will soon be carrying Pinon, Apple, Mesquite, Alder, Eucalyptus, and other types of fragrant woods for a relaxing evening outdoors. And last but certainly not least, Pinnacle has firm plans to have cooking wood and woodchips available in the near future. These woods and woodchips will help add unique and delicious flavors to your chicken, fish, steak, wild game birds, burgers and veggies. Here are some examples of cooking woods and woodchips we plan to offer: Apple, Alder, Apricot, Cherry, Grape, Hickory, Lemon, Maple, Nectarine, Orange, Peach, Pear, Pecan, Plum and White Oak.

Pinnacle Firewood Company is a locally owned vendor located in the Twin City Metro area. Because of this, we can provide a much more prompt service than many of our competitors. Many times offering same day delivery. Pinnacle is in the works of opening at least 1 and possibly 2 more locations, to serve a broader area, with quicker delivery times. This will also help those customers who prefer to pick up their own firewood and save a little money. For all other customers, Pinnacle offers free delivery to most all Twin City metro area and Western Wisconsin customers. Stacking charges are extra, but very affordable and add convenience. Beware of firewood vendors who offer to stack your firewood for free. Generally they offer this free service, to rip off the customer by criss-cross stacking your order. This many times leaves you with between 30%-50% less product. (please view our wood stacking page to become educated on the differences between tight stacked firewood and loosely, criss-crossed stacked wood)

Pinnacle has a large customer base of thousands of customers. We have money saving specials each month. You can opt to receive emails each month on theses money saving offers. Once you become a customer, you will receive periodic mailing with saving specials as well. Since we are a larger firewood company, we tend to get extremely busy in the months of September - January. However February - August are much slower. So, we offer savings to you in those months to make business flow a little smoother.

Pinnacle also owns Pinnacle Tree Service. Offering excellent tree care services for over a decade. We specialize in quality tree pruning, removals, emergency storm damage and insurance claims, lot and land clearing, stump grinding, brush chipping and log hauling. We are a professional tree company carrying full liability and workman's comp. insurance for your protection. Pinnacle Tree Service has expert climbing technicians, 60' aerial bucket reach, log loader trucks, chip truck units and bobcat loaders. We also do crane removals on larger trees or when access may be difficult.

Pinnacle Firewood Company looks forward to creating a warm relaxing firewood experience for you. Customer service and customer satisfaction are top priorities for us. As a customer, Pinnacle Firewood Company wants you to feel more that just a number. We want you to feel catered to and taken care of. We feel we provide a high quality product, along with superior service. Let us know if there are any suggestions to make your firewood burning experience a better one.

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